Company Profile

Unipod® is a progressive moulded polystyrene manufacturing and recycling company, founded in 2007 in Victoria, Australia.

We are committed to working closely with our clients to understand their requirements, frustrations and challenges and in turn deliver high quality, reliable and timely solutions for their construction projects.


Unipod's mission is to supply the best possible products and services to its clients, providing them with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This is achieved through building partnerships with construction industry leaders and by continuously improving the culture in the industry to envelop Lean Manufacturing Principles. The organisation aims to develop diversified markets, which provide stability and substantial returns and opportunity for Unipod stakeholders, employees and partners. 


Unipod's vision is to be:

  • industry leader in moulded polystyrene manufacture and supply in terms of quality, price and service
  • industry champion for protecting the environment
  • industry champion in Occupational Health and Safety
  • an employer of choice by providing a pleasant, nurturing and growth oriented environment, encouraging employees to be highly productive and to grow with the organisation, both on personal and professional levels


Long-term commitment to client and staff relationships, the environment, and providing an injury-free workplace are the values that form the Unipod philosophy in order to provide excellence in service to its loyal client portfolio, its highly skilled employees and the local community. 


Since its inception in 2007, Unipod® continues to remain innovative in the following areas:

  • design and engineering of its products
  • enhancement of its machinery
  • development of systems and processes
  • lean manufacturing
  • machinery and technology
  • its contribution to a sustainable construction industry and community
  • raw material handling and processing