EPS Recycling

Sustainability and protecting the environment are very important to Unipod® and as manufacturers of EPS, the company is committed to manufacturing in the most environmentally friendly way. Unipod® houses an EPS Recycling Centre where clients and local businesses are able to recycle clean EPS waste. 

How it works

Unipod® put the EPS waste into machines which convert it into beads and then mix the recycled EPS into fresh production. Unipod is active in working with councils, locals business and community to encourage EPS recycling. 

If you are in the construction industry

Contact Unipod on 03 9394 1117 the day before you would like EPS waste collected from site and our trucks will collect and recycle. Charges apply. 

If you are a Victorian business

  • Order a roll of 100 poly bags by completing the EPS Recycling Form. 
  • Ensure all your EPS waste is free of contamination, food particles, sticky tape and cardbord. NOTE: It must be 100% clean EPS or it cannot be recycled. 
  • When 10 x bags are full, contact us on 03 9394 1117. We will come and collect your EPS waste.
  • Our trucks are available for pick up of polystyrene waste Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm for a small fee. 
  • You are welcome to drop off your EPS at our premises in Truganina free of charge at any time.