More Responsive

Unipod offers weekend delivery so that you can earn more.

  • Metropolitan deliveries from early a.m. to late p.m. 
  • Weekend deliveries available in case of bad weather and construction delays during the week. 
  • Statewide delivery.
  • Rapid supply schedules. 
  • Prompt collection of pod waste to help keep sites clean and organised.
  • Full take offs and construction cost estimates from engineered drawings for accurate orders.
  • Regular communication with customers.
  • Communication with end user in the event of unforeseen delivery delays. 
  • Strong, reliable support so that you deliver a premium service to your customers.
  • Just in Time (JIT) available.
  • DIFOT = 94%

With you, not against you. 

Unipod's flexibility to respond to the needs of the industry sets the company apart from its competitors. When partnering with Unipod, builders and concreters can expect to focus on their building projects without worrying about quality and supply of materials. 

Our strengths are your advantage. 

Unipod prides itself in constantly communicating with its customers. Through on-going market research, Unipod has identified that punctual delivery is the second most important factor in choosing a waffle pod supplier, after strength and pod quality. In fact, in an independent survey during 2014, 90% of purchasers using other waffle pods were frustrated with the lack of communication, service and flexibility with their current pod supplier. 

Construction benefits.  

Unipod's stronger, smarter and more responsive approach ensures you benefit across all areas in the construction cycle. 

  • Minimised local construction costs. 
  • Reduced labour costs.
  • Reduced OHS risk with stronger pods.
  • Fast removal of waste from site. 
  • Flexible delivery times. 
  • Delivery to metro and regional. 
  • Increased labour uptime. 
  • Increased throughput.