Performance Benefits

Unipod's unique brick pattern provides an abundance of performance benefits. 

Strength and Flexibility.

  • Maximise strength whilst minimising volume.
  • Cushioning beneath the steel reinforcement of concrete slab makes structure more durable and dimensionally stable.
  • Structure remains inert.
  • Brick pattern provides superior strength.
  • Spacers do not push through Unipods. 
  • Safe and strong enough to walk on. 

Unipod's unique brick pattern provides superior strength. 

Thermal Insulation.

  • EPS is highly energy efficient.
  • Thermo-dynamic advantages are generated when on-ground slab is filled with air pockets.
  • Insulating layer between structure and ground.
  • Improved energy efficiency of house or building.
  • Building warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer. 
  • Insulation benefit of up to R 1.0.

Decreased Concrete Usage.

  • Slab requires less concrete, saving time and money. 
  • Brick pattern and sharp edges around top of pod, means less concrete is required.
  • Concrete flow into underside of cut pods is restricted. 

Cost effective. 

  • Allow for more accurate calculation of concrete quantities.
  • Reduced concrete waste and costs. 
  • Minimised OHS risk and site injuries. 

Impervious to Water. 

  • Wet weather does not impede on quality. 
  • Low water absorption. 
  • Unaffected by water.
  • No sagging or buckling even in the most adverse of weather conditions. 

Safer, Quicker, Easier to Install.

  • Light-weight and easy to handle.
  • Delivered on site ready to install. 
  • Minimised labour time on site and associated costs. 


  • Unipod Interlock System holds Unipods together securely to avoid movement during concrete pours. 
  • Interlock System ideal for building sites exposed to high winds. 
  • Slab preparation is more reliable and sturdy during slab construction.