Unipod's holistic formula ensures you win. 

Unipod knows that waffle pod strength and quality are the most important factors in choosing a waffle pod supplier, followed by price and flexible delivery. For this reason, Unipod offers a stronger, better value product and a more responsive and flexible solution to waffle pod supply, ensuring that your projects are high quality, timely and profitable. 

Unipod's winning formula. 


​From strength to strength.

Waffle pod strength is critical for the structural integrity of a concrete slab and therefore a building's foundations. Any weakness in a slab foundation will only cause problems as the building goes up, costing builders time, money and many other problems. 

To assure pod strength and height of its product, Unipod has developed a strict Quality Assurance program, and independent testing confirms that Unipods are 20% stronger than other pods in the market. 

Stronger pods are safer and more cost effective in the long run. 

Waffle pods that are strong and high quality significantly reduce OHS, slab failure and financial risks.  

How poor quality pods are an OHS risk. 

  • Low strength pods are a safety risk to users when they walk over them. 
  • If a waffle pods collapses, the user can suffer injuries from tripping / falling. 
  • Lost time as a result of injury impacts both worker and employer.

How poor quality pods are a slab failure risk. 

  • Poor quality pods can collapse during concrete pumping and the concrete pour.
  • This can result in the reduction of slab thickness, causing cracks and slab failure. 
  • Fault can be missed by concreters who are not quality focused. 
  • Slab that is not at right thickness poses problems for builder further along the building cycle and sometimes, after handover to homeowner. 
  • Cracking due to movement of mesh poses problem for both concreter and builder.
  • Slab failure causes delays in building project.
  • Concrete slab rectifications are costly. 
  • Insurance claims due to concrete slab failure can be difficult and expensive. 

Unipod is the safest option for waffle pods. 

Unipod's strength tests ensure high quality, stronger waffle pods to concreters and builders who, by choosing Unipod, can eliminate OHS, quality and financial risks in concrete slab construction.