Stronger & More Responsive

Unipod® understands that moulded polystyrene strength and quality are the most important factors in choosing a supplier, followed by price and flexible delivery. For this reason, Unipod offers a stronger, better value product and a more responsive and flexible solution to moulded polystyrene product supply, ensuring that your projects are high quality, timely and profitable. 


Unipod's regular strength and quality testing ensures high quality, stronger moulded polystyrene products. By choosing Unipod®, builders and concreters can eliminate OHS and financial risks in construction. 


When choosing a supplier, comparing unit price and opting for the cheapest option can be risky. What should be considered more importantly, is the overall cost to the business in the longer term if an inferior product is purchased. At Unipod, we know that product quality, delivery performance and end user safety are contributing factors to price, so we offer the best possible product and flexible, premium service so our customers can optimise their job performance and profitability. 

More responsive

Unipod's flexibility to respond to the needs of the industry sets the company apart from its competitors. When partnering with Unipod®, builders and concreters can expect to focus on their building projects without worrying about quality and supply of materials.