Unipods are a stronger, more reliable and cost efficient way to build concrete slabs for residential and commercial construction. They simply are the better choice. 

Strength sets us apart. 

Unipods provide the most innovative and effective slab construction method available. Utilising state of the art engineering, the unique brick pattern of the Unipod has been designed for superior strength in foundations, more efficient construction and insulation, and for a more sustainable solution to concrete slab construction. Utilising the latest technology, Unipods are made from EPS (expanded polystyrene) and are the most reliable and cost effective waffle pods on the market.

Unipod Sizes

Unipods are availbale in three standard thicknesses measuring 1090mm square or can be custom made. 

  • 225mm - Suitable for "M" Soil Classification Sites.
  • 300mm - Suitable for "H" Soil Classification Sites.
  • 375mm - Suitable for "E" Soil Classification Sites.
  • Manufactured at any custom size required.
  • Cut to fit within construction plan dimensions.